Dryer Vent Cleaning

Trust Duct Pros LLC with your dryer vent cleaning service. All dryer vents require regular cleaning in order to remove the dust, dirt, particulates – and highly flammable lint – that build up from regular use. The more often a dryer is used, the faster it will accumulate particulate build-up.

Duct Pros LLC dryer vent cleaning experts use high-powered negative pressure vacuum systems and a wide range of EPA approved cleaning solutions to instantly eliminate dust, lint, grime, and other particulate matter from your dryer vent system.

By ensuring that your dryer vents are regularly cleaned, our team can greatly reduce any risk of fire or health issues associated with allergen or germ buildup in your dryer. Fires due to lint blockages are a serious risk, as lint can cause dryers to run at extremely hot temperatures. Our dryer vent cleaning service can also make your dryer run with far more efficiency, allow it to last much longer, and lower your energy bills.

Duct Pros LLC provides expert dryer vent cleaning services, always served to our clients with the highest degree of professional skill, and always provided at a fair and competitive budget friendly rate.

The Facts

Regular maintenance is needed when it comes to keeping the dryer vents in your residential or commercial space functioning properly. A periodic ductwork and dryer vent cleaning can help prevent, and even drastically reduce the risk of fire.

The risk of fire can increase when either the dryer vents or the accompanying exhausts are not cleaned properly. When the lint blocks the flow of air in these areas, an excessive amount of heat can produce. This can be the start of a fire.

With this risk in mind, all of us here at Duct Pros LLC knows how important it is for us to do a thorough job in cleaning your dryer vents and the accompanying ductwork.

Dryer Vents Should be Cleaned When

  • Clothing is taking a long time to dry
  • Dryer vent exhaust ducts are silent
  • Dryers get too hot when working
  • Clothing is hot when removed from dryers
  • Steam doesn’t exit your dryer vent exhaust duct during cold weather

Dryer vent fire risks can be reduced by:

  • Making sure that filters and lint screens are cleaned after each load of laundry
  • Regularly cleaning dryer systems, including hoses
  • Never overloading dryers
  • Replacing flexible dryer ducts with metallic ductwork
  • Installation of screens on exterior dryer vents
  • Never blocking dryer vent flaps or exhaust ducts

Did you know that there are high-risk dangers associated with dryer vents not cleaned regularly?

If you don’t know these dangers, then the first thing you should do is to check if your dryer vents are clean. Not sure how to do it? Not to worry, Duct Pros LLC is here to help!